ENOCHIAN MAGIC FOR BEGINNERS: The Original System of Angel Magic by Donald Tyson

Enochian Magic for Beginners: The Original System of Angel Magic by Donald Tyson

(Llewellyn Publications, 2003)


Enochian Magic for Beginners by Donald Tyson is recommended by adepts who are knowledgeable in this area. There are many books on the system of using angels to learn things about the nature of the universe by John Dee and Edward Kelly, but this is supposed to be the best one you can find on the Internet. However,as I have not read any other books on the subject, I don’t have anything else to judge it by.

And, damn, this system is complicated. As the author puts it:

Enochian magic is complex. Aspects of it remain obscure to this day. This situation is made worse by the loss of some of John Dee’s manuscripts, and the damage time has done to those that survive. Even if we possessed all of Dee’s magical writings in pristine condition, we would not fully understand Enochian magic because the angels did not transmit all the details of its working. Dee did the best he could to make sense out of the communications, but was forced to rely on an incomplete model.

Anyone who wants to delve into the vast world of angelic magick should start with this book. You could read the original manuscripts found by the antiquarians who took possession of Dee’s old chests, but the writing, which you can find online, is hard to read. It’s written in that late Elizabethan style that makes the King James Bible such a challenge. Best to start with some modern interpretations such as this one book.

There is a good section in this book about the discovery of the Enochian manuscripts. I’ve always wondered about how they were found, but the account Tyson relates makes sense and is believable. When people stumble across ancient books of forgotten lore, you have to wonder about how they were really found.

Tyson pushes the theory that the angels Dee and Kelly talked with had their own agenda. He feels the angels were about to push through a completely new Aeon which would bring about the Apocalypse. This would not have been the kind of apocalypse you read about in those Jack Chick cartoon bible books, but something that would happen as the angelic beings took possession of our minds. It could yet happen, so don’t try this without adult supervision, he seems to be saying. In other words, leave that Enochian Fun Time Playset on the shelf.

I will say this book made me do a double take on trying to ever attempt this system of magick. I know many people have tried and had success. Uncle Al talks about it in his masterful Vision and the Voice where he went out into the North African desert and danced with the daemons of the abyss. I read that account years ago and it took me until now to figure out the set-up he and his sidekick Victor used to do the deed.

Although Dee and Kelly began their mystic work simple enough, the angels Kelly saw in the crystal told him they would need an elaborate talking board table that rested on several tablets. I’m not sure if this was to enhance the procedure or keep them from being fried. In any event, the angels gave them an entire celestial alphabet to use for communication. This is where Our Lady Babalon enters the picture as they learned the correct spelling of her name from the angels.

The whole process came to an end when Kelly informed Dee that the angels told them they should swap wives. How convenient for Kelly who seemed to have some interest in Dee’s wife. Dee was heartbroken to break the news to his own wife that evening, but Innsallah baby. Makes you wonder if the angels wanted them to enhance their married lives even further and no, there aren’t videos you can upload.

Okay, all seriousness aside, this is a good book that shows you the complexity of some magickal systems. Not to be taken lightly, but you don’t need a degree in astrophysics to do it.

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